Clan 55

Clan 55

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AGAVERA is a distribution and education platform that focuses in crafted spirits from Mexico, he also happens to be our neighbor. Some might say that is the ultimate booze combination! 

Previously selling mainly at gastronomic and some of the top notch bars around Germany, AGAVERA has currently  been shifting sales to private costumers online.

The following products are a first taste of the spirits AGAVERA distributes:

This micro-batch production mezcal is made exclusively with ripe Espadin (Angustifolia Agave) from the Hi lands of Oaxaca Mexico.
The elevated content of sugar on the plant set the graduation after the second distillation at 55°. No water is added in order to maintain what is known as
"the historical taste".
Practical small size, straight forward & with a positive balance between smoke and cooked Agave, this mezcal will go a long way in your future picnic endeavors.

Maestro mezcalero: Rene Perez & tio Margaro

Agave: Espadin

Oven: underground conical oven

Water: Natural spring water 

Fermentation: Natural wild yeast for 10-16 days in Oak vats

type of Still: Copper Alambic of 200lt capacity

Alc Vol: 55°

Year: 2015