Crowdsurfer | 12 Pack


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Crowdsurfer IPA × 12

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🎉 You Can’t Have a Party Without a Crowd 🎉

Give your guests the rockstar treatment this Festive season. Our Crowdsurfer IPA wants to rock n roll all night and party every day.

Mouthfulls of mandarine, lemongrass, citrus and the slightest touch of star anise make up that golden chord that David played when he pleased the Lord. And OH LORD is it good! Smells like your morning glass of fresh OJ with a backing band of sweet peach, vanilla and bay. It’s oily, chewy and oh so moreish. A real headliner.

12x Crowd Surfer IPA

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Crowdsurfer IPA

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IPA, Hazy, New England

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