Caballito Cerrero

Caballito Cerrero

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AGAVERA is a distribution and education platform that focuses in crafted spirits from Mexico, he also happens to be our neighbor. Some might say that is the ultimate booze combination! 

Previously selling mainly at gastronomic and some of the top notch bars around Germany, AGAVERA has currently  been shifting sales to private costumers online.

The following products are a first taste of the spirits AGAVERA distributes:


Caballito Cerrero is an agave spirit that works as a bridge between the most famous agave categories, Tequila & Mezcal.

This family-owned brand is in continuous operation since 1968, making Agave spirits with unparalleled quality. The ground story of Caballito Cerrero is a mighty one as well, which makes the brand some sort of a cult product for the people that love & enjoy agave spirits.
Caballito Cerrero stands for a wild, strong animal that can not be tamed.
The definition fits quite well with its solid profile that invites us to understand how a good tequila used to taste before the industrial revolution and the CRT (Regulatory council on Tequila)


Producer: Jimenez Family (father & son) 

Agave: Chato Agave (Subspecies Angustifolia Haw)

Oven: Masonry oven

Water: Natural spring water 

Fermentation: for 7 days with self-made yeast

Distillation:  First on a Stainless still Alambic and Second on a copper Alambic  

Alc Vol: 46°

Year: 2019