What types of packaging are available? 

Our beer is available in KeyKeg kegs (20 L & 30 L) and BPA free cans (440 ml).

Why cans? 

Cans are keeping it fresh. The biggest issues in brewing is oxygen. Cans are designed to be completely airtight. Bottles on the other hand have caps that are letting small amounts of oxygen in which eventually spoils the beer. Think of cans as tiny kegs. They protect the beer from light and oxygen. And besides that cans are the most recycled type of packaging worldwide! Its material can be recycled endlessly and mind-blowing 98 % of all cans out there get recycled. Isn't that amazing?

How do I get your beer in Berlin? 

Based in Berlin we are delivering to local bars, restaurants and shops by self-distribution with our beautiful Van several times per week.

How do I get your beer in Germany? 

We are supplying bars, restaurants and shops across Germany by shipping our beer refrigerated using Dachser or Nagel-Group. Orders of just a couple cases are shipped via UPS. We are happy to find the best way to ship beer to you. Get in touch with us.

How do I get your beer in Europe? 

We work with a few distribution companies in Europe. If you need help finding the best way to get our beer ask us at: sales@fuerstwiacek.com

Is there a minimum order amount?

One case of cans (24 x 440 ml) or one keg is perfectly fine for us. We can also do mixed cases.

Where do I get a price list and how can I order?

Shoot us a message to sales@fuerstwiacek.com and we sort you out with availability and price lists.