La Venenosa Tabernas

La Venenosa Tabernas

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AGAVERA is a distribution and education platform that focuses in crafted spirits from Mexico, he also happens to be our neighbor. Some might say that is the ultimate booze combination! 

Previously selling mainly at gastronomic and some of the top notch bars around Germany, AGAVERA has currently  been shifting sales to private costumers online.

The following products are a first taste of the spirits AGAVERA distributes:

This Raicilla brand comes to the European market to showcase the beautiful and diverse profiles of the Agave species.
Tabernas offers an elegant and approachable profile for everybody to enjoy.
Subtle aromas of herbs and butter. Quite dry on the palate with good notes of cooked agave. Produced close to the pacific coast in the state of Jalisco, This might be your new favorite agave spirit.

Proper for sipping neat or making awesome drinks!

Maestro mezcalero: Don Chalio Rodrigez

Agave: Chico Aguiar (Subspecies Angustifolia Haw)

Oven: stone and oak wood oven for heating

Water: Natural spring water 

Fermentation: Natural wild yeast for 8-12 days on pine wood vats

Distillation: double on a Filipino style in stainless still 

Alc Vol: 44.5°

Year: 2019