The Fish Needs A Suzuki Collab T-shirt

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Here at Fuerst Wiacek we’re big fans of rock ‘n’ roll. We love loud guitars, screeched vocals and driving rhythms so of course, we love O Sees. We already have several beers named after their songs (Toe Cutter, Weird Hairdo…) So when our friends at Carnival Brewing in Liverpool asked if we wanted to do a 3 way collab with them and the band, we obviously jumped at the chance!

What came from this melding of minds was the perfect beer for a rock show. Extremely refreshing, light in flavour and with a none threatening ABV. This beer is perfect for chugging with your friends at a show or simply in your back yard with the tunes pumped up. It’s a concert in a can. Enjoy irresponsibly!

We loved the Special artwork for this one that was done by fellow O Sees collaborator Alex Wynne (who can be found online HERE) that we decided to make a T-Shirt. It’s printed on sustainably produced cotton t-shirts from Stanley/Stella & was hand printed here in Berlin.


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